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Laser machine spare parts

We have almost all key parts of our products in stock in urgent case of your spare parts demand.So that we can deliver it within shortest reaction time whenever you need by simple and fast way.

Reci laser tube
•Laser power:90w-180w,for laser engraving and cutting machine .lower power for laser engraving ,higher power for laser cutting .
•Life span:1000h

Focus lens and mirrors
Laser machine contains 3 mirrors and 1 focus lens.
Modelfocal length  Ø50.8 ,For laser engraving and cutting machine, thin materials,fabric  leather,textile etc.
Ø63.5  For thickness materials, 6-15mm acrylic and wood etc .

Knife-edge bar table
For different types of  laser engraving and cutting machine.
Surface black oxide,  Anti-corrosion  ,Not easily deformed.

Honeycomb table
For soft materials cutting, leather ,fabric ,paper etc .
Adsorb the materials smoothly , high strength and long life.

Water-cooling machine
Cooling the working laser machine .Protecting the laser tube .
Model:CW3000  CW5000 ,with different Cooling Capacity.

Control system
Resistance to high pressure and static interference
Working time preview
Power outages continued carving

CCD camera
Especially for laser trademark cutting machine ,cutting fabric and clothing
cut some printed papers or some logos.
Laser cutter with 500 mega-pixel

Rotary device
For cylinder ,round materials engraving and cutting ,like bottles ,glass etc.
Diameter:8-200mm or customize.



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