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Company news    2015-11-24

In order to enrich our spare time, enhance friendship, promote solidarity, create a harmonious and positive enterprise culture atmosphere and build a more united, vigorous, and high efficiency team, our company held the third —Sports Games in on December 02, 2014. More than 30 employees from various departments participated in the race, others boosted the morale of the players.

The theme of this game, "Keep health, Happy work", is a concentrated expression of Amor's humane care.

All the players devote themselves into the game with full enthusiasm and high morale, and show us superb skill and enterprising spirit. This is a thrilling, exciting, master frequency game.

Our company leader awarded prizes to the players, and delivered the closing speech.

2015, Amor will be just as before, never tiring, never yielding, and never finishing.

We will work together to make the best laser engraving and cutting machines for customers .


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